Groove Fit Island!!

Groove Fit Island!! Character Takozo

Groove Fit Island!! Character Keroak


Groove Fit Island is an island of animals who love music and exercise
Get in the rhythm and have fun with fitness!
Play through the various "Groove Fits"!
Compete with players from all over the world for scores and calories burned!

About Game commentary and Use of Copyrighted Materials

Groove Fit Island!! is committed to allow and support users to post game commentary on video sharing sites and social networking services in the condition that users comply with the following guideline.

And We also distribute the "GFI Material Kit" to help users play and create their own contents on a daily basis.

For more information on the guideline and materials,
please see the links below.


  • Title

    Groove Fit Island!!

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  • Language

    Japanese / English / French / German / Spanish / Korean

  • Developer

    ImaCreate, Inc.

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  • Release Date

    June 14, 2022