What's Groove Fit Club?

This is a community for everyone
to enjoy and explore the "island" of Groove Fit Island,
a new world full of music and fitness.

Thoughts on GrooveFit

Since ancient times, music and physical exercise have been common to all humankind,
and have existed in every culture in every form.
Singing and playing musical instruments allow people to express themselves,
and listening to them allows people to empathize with each other and gives them the energy to live.
Hunting and sports connect people's hearts,
and these physical activities are the source of people's enthusiasm and sense of unity even today.
Even though we are born in a digital space,
the essence of human beings remains unchanged.

Jump into an island where unique animals live and enjoy "music" and "fitness".
We would like to create and nurture such a new concept of VR experience with creators and fans around the world.

How to enjoy?

We're looking for beta testers in the community
for new groove fits (mini-games) and new features!
Be the first in the world to experience new content!

Concept art and development stories are delivered!
You can enjoy the behind-the-scenes of the development up close!

You can participate as one of the creators of GrooveFitIsland!!
Come up with ideas for new GrooveFit and new features.
You never know, a community-initiated GrooveFit or feature may be born!

How to join?

①First, download the「Discord」app from your smartphone or PC.
②Join us on the GrooveFitClub server. Let's start by introducing ourselves on the #introduction channel!


Q. Is there an admission fee or usage fee?
A. No, there are no fees. You can enjoy all the contents for free.

Q. Can I cancel my membership midway
through the program?
A. Yes, you can. You are free to withdraw from the course, join during the course, or rejoin.